The Company provides services in the field of B2B. Processing and production of sheet metal, electronics contract manufacturing, complete cycle of electronics design (circuit solutions, PCB layout, prototyping, designing housing, mass production). 

The contract metalwork is complex of manufacturing of various kinds of metal products, including customers design documentation.

Primarily, this relates to the manufacture of frame-sheet items for which you have a fully finished item or an item prepared for final assembly (riveting, soldering, welding).

 Our factory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment company TRUMPF, a leading manufacturer in the field sheet-metalwork:

  • Press with laser TLF2000 TRUMATIC6000 L-1300;
  • CNC press brake Truma Bend V1300.

In the field of metal offered mechanical machining company DMG:

  • 2-axis lathe CNC universal CTX 210 V3 HEIDENHAIN;
  • Universal CNC milling machine DMU 60T2.

Thus, without the expenses for equipment complex you are getting freedom in the design and parts manufacturing, which, in combination with the services of electronics contract manufacturing, offered by our company may allow you to get greater efficiency of your production. 

Electronic Contract Manufacturing – is the ability to place orders for prototyping, assembly of small and large parties PCB, assembly and disassembly of elements on the circuit board in need of repair at no cost resources to purchase expensive equipment and the organization of production on its own premises.

Electronic Contract Manufacturinginvolves the use of both surface and traditional mounting holestechnologies. 

Our production is equipped with professional facilitis for automatic SMD firms such as JUKI (Japan), SMTECH (England), ROMMEL (Germany), Viscom S3088AV, MARTIN EXPERT (Germany), AQUEOUS TECHNOLOGIES (U.S.), PACE (USA) and WELLER (Germany). The staff consists of experienced and highly skilled employees, which in combination can successfully solve the problem posed by customers.

Electronics contract manufacturing of a full cycle - a comprehensive approach to the creation of an electronic product, comprising:

  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Making harnesses
  • Making the enclosure
  • Assembly


We work closely with leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards and electronic components suppliers. This allows us to provide a comprehensive system of working with the client, including the proper assembly of products and software components.

On demand, the system also works on the tolling system configuration or mixed production (our purchase of the components and, at the same time, work on the tolling of the client).


Our technological capabilities:

- Automated assembly of SMD components;

(printed circuit boards up to 420x340mm)

- Semi-automatic installation

oversized terminal components;

- Manual installation of any terminal components;


The company provides the following services for the production of wire harnesses: cutting wires, jet marking wires, crimping ferrules, binding wire harnesses, cable processing.


Using high-tech equipment in metal housing allows us to make any complexity.

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