When assembled one-piece, small , trial batches theuse of full automatic cycle technically and economically unfeasible. In addition, the manual installation is required when using a mixed assembly technology, used in almost 100% of electronic products. Our company offers high-quality manual installation using specialized equipment and advanced technological materials.

The main characteristics of the site manual assembly

Installation is carried out using materials from leading world manufacturers (MULTICORE, COBAR, RADIEL FONDAM)

Workstations equipped with soldering stations and PACE WELLER
Installers work in special coats and shoes
• Room and work spaces performed to meet the requirements for antistatic protection

Upon completion of soldering boards undergo a mandatory process of automatic cleaning, visual and automatic optical inspection.
Washing printed circuit assemblies produced in the jet wash SMT series of AQUEOUS TECHNOLOGIES, USA. This setting provides a complete technological process of removing flux residues including washing of drilling fluids, rinsing and drying.

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