Repair of printing units is performed using the repair and rework station Martin Expert 07/09. This is an accurate, practical and portablecomplex device for such types of jobs as prototyping, soldering chips, repair boards, electronics repair, maintenance and production of small products volumes .

Main features of repair and rework station

  • Automatic positioning and installation of components onto printed circuit boards
  • Wiring components on printed circuit boards using solder pastes and adhesives
  • The removal of components from PCBs
  • Installation and removal of chips BGA assembled on printed circuit boards
  • Restoration of ball pins on chips BGA shot

The station works with practically all types of SMD components, as well as with non-standard elements.

All operating parameters (dosage volume of solder pastes and adhesives, air velocity, air temperature, heating profile settings) are monitored and recorded in stations in memory for reuse, providing 100% control and repeatability of the process.

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