One of the most famous ways when working with metals and alloys is lathe machining – technical process, which does not change the physical qualities of the metal. Wide list of operations  allows to produce different items, virtually any configuration complexity at the highest.

Belatra has modern equipment with computer control - 2-axis lathe CNC universal CTX 210 V3 HEIDENHAIN, which can handle work piece with high precision.

Self-development program specialists of the Company produce excellent results and ensure high quality of all products.

Using high-precision equipment and high-quality tools, as well as attracting qualified staff - all this provides a high level of quality in the performance of these types of lathe operations, as grooving, drilling, boring, threading, etc.

Processed materials: steel, brass, bronze, aluminum;

Machining accuracy: ± 0,001 mm;


Dimensions of work pieces:

processing in a 3 jaw chuck

- Length (max): 305 mm - the diameter (max): 160 mm

When Turret treatment

- Diameter (max): 45 mm 


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