Development of electronic products currently imposes a number of requirements to the equipment used and the element base. These requirements include high-density components, reducing the size of the components themselves and as a result, reducing the size of the product. All these demands can be realized only with the use in the production of highly automated assembly lines and the use of such elements as SMD components.

Therefore, in our production automatic installation involves professional equipment mounting SMD-known firms such as JUKI, SMTECH, ROMMEL, MARANTZ, which allows us to solve the problem posed by customers. Belatra company carries out the automatic surface mounting on a very high level, high quality mounting a variety of electronic components.

Benefits SMD-mounted automatic assembly line:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Reducing the cost of the finished product;
  • High accuracy and repeatability of the installation components;
  • Short production;
  • High quality of finished products;
  • Reducing the cost of components. 

Automatic mounting of SMD components involves the following basic operations:

Automatic application of solder paste on the board through a stencil

The first and
 one of the most important process steps in the assembly of printed circuit boardsusing surface mount technology is a step of solder paste applyingExcellent repeatability and high quality solder paste is achieved by using fully automatic printer AVX-400 manufactured bySMTECH, England.

Automatic installation of components on the board

To install the components high-precision machines KE-2050 and KE-2060 company JUKI, Japan are used, allowing you to set different types of components: from 0402 size chip components to chip BGA, μBGA, QFP, etc. in increments of less than 0.5 mm. 
Programming automatic installation is performed on a separate workstation using specializedsoftware that allows you to optimize the performance of individual machines as well as the whole line.

Reflow solder multiband convection oven

For reflow soldering conveyor type SMT 2.8 TS  five-band convection oven  is used,(made in Germany), with heating zone length of 2800 mm,  consisting of three zones preheating zone anda peak reflow (heating from above and below), as well as a cooling zone
The main feature of this system is the effective heat transfer area at the peak of the nozzlethrough the slot (Slot nozzles) by means of high-power fanThis method allows us to reach the surface of the board with the laminar air flow, which in contrast to the turbulentallows us to transfer heat more efficiently with less energy. 
In this oven due to the large length of heating zones, high precision maintain operating parameters with the help of  computer control we ca select the temperature profile accurately,which makes this oven  ready to work with lead-free pastes. 
All equipment is integrated into a single assembly line using conveyor systems of ROMMEL co.,Germany, which allows you to create a continuous process and to achieve high performance of theline as a whole
In our company, all these operations are united into a single process by a conveyor line.

In our company, all these operations are united into a single process by a conveyor line

For long-term projects and individual single orders together with GornTreyd Ltd. possible integrated production of finished products at the best price with the technological and design support.  
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