Belatra has their own factory, which allows monitoring product quality at all stages of the production process: from material procurement to a finished product. Due to modern production facilities Belatra produce products of varying degrees of complexity and for any kind of activities. The main directions of the moment are: enclosures for electronics, industrial equipment, automobile production, design and architecture.



Enclosures for electronics

Enclosures for electronics are manufactured in large batch, wherein it is important to high quality and dimension. To minimize the thermal impact on the machine TrumaBend V1300 in combination with the existing measurement system provide optimum quality products even in the production of large batches.

Manufacture of industrial equipment

In the manufacture of industrial equipment requires special-purpose machines are required, because the range of items in this industry is limitless: pad, mounting brackets, folded parts, etc. Using the menu-driven operating environment TrumaBend V1300 rapidly changing working press  can be optimally prepared in the shortest time.

Automobile production

Details of cars and agricultural machinery are susceptible to particularly strong influences. These components must withstand the ever-changing dynamic loads. For the production of such equipment used extra thick sheets with maximum strength.

Design and Architecture

Stainless steel is a favorite material in the production of furniture, primarily it’s used in design models. In this industry mostly used curved edge without dents, accurate folding and small bending radius.

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