Bending metal is one of the metal working method. This is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of metal products deformations. The most important advantage of the flexible metal sheet - is getting seamless structure which retains its strength and unlike welding retains anti-corrosion property.

Belatra LLC carries bending metal with the help of modern equipment - CNC press brake TRUMABENDV1300, which has the following features:

  1. Metal bending free.
  2. Flattening, i.e. bending, which is performed after the folding.
  3. Flexible Z-shaped (Z-order inserts a matrix and Z-insert punch Catalog TRUMPF).
  4. Bending Radius (for 1 turn) - R 25 millimeters.
  5. Step-type Radius Bending. Maximum bending length for different values of S (mm) is determined by the allowable value efforts N/mm2 1 meter in length, depending on the steel grade.
  6. For internal R-bend of less than 1.0 millimeter order tool Catalog TRUMPF. Maximum bending length, which carries press brake is 3050 millimeters. Positioning accuracy of the press beam - 0.005 millimeters.

This equipment eliminates incorrect bending sheet metal, electronic synchronization system provides maximum precision movements of flexion, which is very important in the further handling parts (assembly, welding, painting). Separate sheet feeding eliminates the possibility material rejection.

We have the opportunity to work both with our own material, and with customers material.

Examples of items you can find here.

The main criterion of our work - the timeliness and quality. 

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